Tweetbot 4 for Twitter App Reviews

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Great but

Great app with amazing functions but sadly fails to stream while im connected on wifi. :(

Not worth the price

Honestly disappointed, the interface is clunky and some new twitter features are displayed badly. Feels like Ive lost 10 bucks now that Ive come back to Twitters native app. It just does the job better.

So many lags

So many lags with the new update

Great app but...

It would be great if you could add the "vote" option in the app ! And btw i was hoping for a new sound design because its still so painful. Sorry guys !

Could not imagine a better Twitter client

Amazing. No complaints. Faster than ever.

Muito bom

Could must have notifications for saved searches.

Melhor App de Twitter

Não existe nada melhor na App Store, vale mesmo o investimento. Hey, Im using on iPad Pro with the new keyboard cover. Please implement a keyboard shortcut to scroll the timeline. Thanks!!


Whats wrong with the scrolling? Theres a lag to up/down the timeline....

Pin to top not working after Upgrade

Streaming pin to top function (which I love) is not working after upgrade to v4.4

Landscape mode? Why?

There should be a way to rotate lock / disable the landscape mode in iPhone without locking it system wide. Settings sync would also be nice.

Bit buggy after last update

Its been a bit buggy after the last update (in which pics, gifs and links dont count to the limit). It slows down when I load my TL, when I go retweet something, when I got into the tweets details and go back to wherever I was... also, still missing the photo description function! Please! I didnt have to beg for this to be implemented, come on, guys. Every other Twitter client has that already!

Best client but one bug occurs very often

Best client but the refresh of the tweets does not work as soon as the app is reopened. Gotta kill the app and open again to make it work.

Twitter at its best

Nothing more to say!

2 free upgrades?

What generosity. I still think the app is overpriced.

Best Twitter client

Using it for years, none of the others could convince me...

Killer app

Tweetbot is my most used iOS app.

Censors Pictures

Tweetbot censors pictures without giving the user a choice. Bad!

Even the native Twitter app is better

The money was successfully wasted! This thing is worse than TwitterDeck (which is free) and even worse than Twitters native app. No scheduling of posts, no autoplay on GIFs and Videos .. no nothing. Navigation is awful and UI-animations are buggy.

Beste Twitter App

Definitiv Bester Twitter-Client für iOS

Needs more work

9.99€ is too high for the current state of this app. Key features missing at least on iPad like - Second column is very limited, it should support streaming, arbitrary content and a shortcut to scroll to the top just like the main section. I have to pull to refresh and then pan all the way up, seriously? - First column no streaming for content other than timeline, e.g. A list. I want to stream my news list, not possible in any column. Also the scroll to top feature doesnt work if I put my news list in the main column - when I use it it switches the content back to the timeline! - No way to see in advance if a tweet has comments, likes or rts without going in detail view, you could show this e.g. in the grey background area while swiping, or allow to enable in settings showing this in the timeline, etc. - Some other smaller things here and there I forgot now (How about showing e.g. the "while you were away" supported by official client) But previously listed are really the very least where I may start considering the high price somewhat justified.

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