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Tweetbot 4 for Twitter app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7040 ratings )
Utilities Social Networking
Developer: Tapbots
4.99 USD
Current version: 4.8.2, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 01 Oct 2015
App size: 13.51 Mb

Tweetbot is a wonderful Twitter client that’s powerful and a joy to use. Sync your timeline across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Tweetbot for Mac also available in the Mac App Store). Mute tweets by users, hashtags, tweet sources, or keywords (including regex). 3rd Party support for image, video, read later, and timeline sync services. Tweetbot also has all the features you’d expect in a full-featured Twitter client like lists and direct messages, and others you wouldn’t like the statistics view, a night theme for low-light reading, and much more.

What’s New in Version 4:

- iPad Support (Universal)
- Landscape Support on iPhone and iPad
- New Statistics and Activity View.
- New Column View in Landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6+
- Split View Multi-tasking on iPad
- More Granular Mute Filter Settings
- Quick Reply from Notifications
- Safari View Controller with Support for Content Blockers
- Improved User Profiles
- Improved Status Detail
- Refreshed User Interface
- Many Optimizations Under the Hood

Statistics and Activity View.

Enjoy keeping track of how popular your tweets are or how many new followers you get each day? Fall in love with the new Statistics view. Watch your tweets get faved and retweeted in real time (on a WiFi network), and see your daily global activity graph grow over the last 7 days. See all of the recent activity happening on your account in real time on the Activity view. Watch people follow, mention, retweet, fave, and quote you live.

Column View on iPad and iPhone 6+.

Tweetbot just got a lot more powerful with the new column view. Just rotate your iPad or iPhone 6+ to landscape and have a column dedicated to a list, search result, mentions, statistics, or activity stream.

Other Notable Features:

- Support for 3rd party services
- Add multiple accounts
- Powerful mute filters
- Push notifications
- Customizable navigation (iPhone)
- Save and edit tweet drafts
- Edit and view lists
- Wi-Fi timeline streaming
- Timeline sync across multiple devices
- Night theme for low-light reading
- Smart gestures to quickly access tweet details, reply, retweet and favorite.
- Status display customization

Pros and cons of Tweetbot 4 for Twitter app for iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter app good for

Great app with amazing functions but sadly fails to stream while im connected on wifi. :(
It would be great if you could add the "vote" option in the app ! And btw i was hoping for a new sound design because its still so painful. Sorry guys !
Não existe nada melhor na App Store, vale mesmo o investimento. Hey, Im using on iPad Pro with the new keyboard cover. Please implement a keyboard shortcut to scroll the timeline. Thanks!!
Streaming pin to top function (which I love) is not working after upgrade to v4.4
This is the best Twitter client hands down! Super smooth UI and much more functionality than the official Twitter app. Keep the great app updates coming!
There are so many deep features for users to use. Tweet translation, mute filters, easy access & management of lists, customizable buttons, image summaries on profiles, saved searches, easy account switching, activity tracking (although I wish I could press & hold on a day to see its results like the stocks app) I recommend this app to everyone I know. Enjoy

Some bad moments

Whats wrong with the scrolling? Theres a lag to up/down the timeline....
There should be a way to rotate lock / disable the landscape mode in iPhone without locking it system wide. Settings sync would also be nice.
Tweetbot censors pictures without giving the user a choice. Bad!
The money was successfully wasted! This thing is worse than TwitterDeck (which is free) and even worse than Twitters native app. No scheduling of posts, no autoplay on GIFs and Videos .. no nothing. Navigation is awful and UI-animations are buggy.
9.99€ is too high for the current state of this app. Key features missing at least on iPad like - Second column is very limited, it should support streaming, arbitrary content and a shortcut to scroll to the top just like the main section. I have to pull to refresh and then pan all the way up, seriously? - First column no streaming for content other than timeline, e.g. A list. I want to stream my news list, not possible in any column. Also the scroll to top feature doesnt work if I put my news list in the main column - when I use it it switches the content back to the timeline! - No way to see in advance if a tweet has comments, likes or rts without going in detail view, you could show this e.g. in the grey background area while swiping, or allow to enable in settings showing this in the timeline, etc. - Some other smaller things here and there I forgot now (How about showing e.g. the "while you were away" supported by official client) But previously listed are really the very least where I may start considering the high price somewhat justified.
I liked Tweetbot and bought version 2 when it was fairly new then upgraded to 2.4 was released and I looked forward to upgrading when they offered a 50% off sale. The problem is the price of the app has tripled so 50% off is still more than version 3 cost. Version 3 was buggy and those bugs were not getting addressed: at the end of the day, Version 4 adds no real new features and feels more like it should have been a bug fix for version 3. The new “Activity” screen is a minor improvement, and frankly offers nothing that wasn’t readily available anyway. I won’t be buying Tweetbot 5 when it’s released. This feels like a token upgrade and an attempt to milk a loyal customer base of money without offering value.

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